Garage Cleanup

When you purchase a Garage Cleanup pacakge from us you receive two organizers for 8 straight hours. They will come by on Saturday morning and by the time they leave that evening, everything is generally done. Most residential garages will be completed in one day, some cases may require more. For this reason we require an onsite assessment of the project to verify that it can be completed in one day. Some examples of why a job cannot be completed in one day include situations involving large collections, end of life or bereavement, and other situations where emotional attachment may require us to work at a slower pace.

During a standard one day cleanup we will follow our 5-S organizational process. This concept, orginally developed in Japan for manufacturing procedures lends itself exceptionally well to organization projects.

Prior to the first step is the removal. Everything is taken from the garage and placed under a tent prior to begining the process. The garage will be swept and if you have purchased storage solutions through us, they will be installed.

Sort - Your organizers will assist you in dividing items into four categories. In order they are; keep, donate, recycle, trash. Our goal is to limit the items that are going into the last category.

Set In Order - We will return all of the 'keep' items to the garage in an organized manner that maximizes the available space.

Shine - Once your garage is organized it becomes easier to clean and ensure that items return to their proper place.

Standardize - By now we've found everything a home; it is your job to ensure that when you use them, they return to their proper place to avoid the return of clutter.

Sustain - When everything in your garage has a proper place, and you know where that is, it becomes easier to maintain. You will notice when you shop that you second guess purchases of extra items but asking yourself where you will have space for them in your newly cleaned garage. This is a wonderful thing as it prevents you from purchasing items you do not have a need for, saving you money in the long run.

At the end of the day we will clean up any remaining debris and will remove recycling and donations if you do not wish to process them yourself.