A Professional Organizer bring so much more than just cleanliness to an area.  Their unique skills, experiences, and training, provide the ultimate service for a cluttered space.

Complete Room Clean Out

The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) is the independent government body that the world's elite Professional Organizers belong to.  Each of our organizers is a NAPO member and has taken advanced professional education courses through the organization to ensure their skills are alway up to date.

A Clean Slate Organizing is a showcased Pinellas County, FL professional organizer on!

While A Clean Slate now proudly provides house keeping support, our organizers are the cream of the crop.  They are brought in to set up systems that our housekeepers are trained to maintain in their regular visits.  Bringing in both the organizers and the housekeeping team for the first visits allows everyone to ensure you receive a complete service as long as you are a customer of A Clean Slate.

Transparent Pricing for maximum comfort

A Clean Slate wants to be sure you understand what our costs are prior to the first visit.  Nothing is more uncomfortable than bringing in someone and not knowing how much the service will cost you.  With prepaid services, you get what you pay for and don't get charged more than you are able to afford. 

Service Quantity Price
Hourly Consultation 1 Hour $75.00
Package One 4 Hours $300.00 $340.00
Package Two 20 Hours $1500 $1400.00
Package Three 40 Hours $3000 $2400.00
* Organizer's Assistant - if needed 1 Hour $25.00
* Shopping Fee 1 Hour $25.00
* Excessive Travel Fee - Over 20 miles from base per mile $0.545